To advance the marathon competitiveness of Taiwan, and to promote our exceptional travel resources in North Coast, New Taipei City, we actively invite excellent international marathon runners to participate in this one and only certified World Athletics (WA) Silver Label Road Competition in Taiwan.

2. Supervisors:

World Athletics (WA) and Sports Administration, Ministry of Education

3. Organizers:

New Taipei City Government, Chinese Taipei Athletics Association

4. Implementer:

Sports Office, New Taipei City Government

5. Co-organizers:

epartment of Information, Transportation Department, Department of Health, Police Department, Jinshan Branch of Police Department, Traffic Police Corps of Police Department, Fire Department and Environmental Protection Department under New Taipei City Government, as well as Wanli District Office, Jinshan District Office, Shimen District Office and Tourism & Travel Department of New Taipei City, together with North Coast & Guanyinshan National Scenic Area Administration of Tourism Bureau, MOTC, Jingmei Public Works Section of First Maintenance Office under Directorate General of Highways, MOTC and Sport Federation of New Taipei City

6. Date:

06:00 to 13:00, 21 November 2021 (Sunday)

7. Venue:

Parking Lot 2, CT Green Bay Hotel, Wanli District, New Taipei City

8. Competition Information:

★After the competition, please return timing chip to the “Timing Chip Deposit Refund Station” and receive your NT$ 100 deposit.

9. Competition Groups:

(1) Marathon: Eligible for participants aged 18 and above, born in or before 2003.



(2) Challenge Run: Eligible for participants aged 15 or above, born in or before 2006.

Group by Gender

10.  Entry for foreign participants:

(1) Individual registration only. Please register online at official website of the Competition (http://www.wanjinshi-marathon.com.tw) or mobile APP for the Competition (Wan Jin Shi Marathon). Sign up for membership through the entry system by filling in your e-mail address and set up the password, then select registration to complete personal profile form in details and upload a copy of your passport (in jpg. or png. format with file size less than 4MB). The email shall be the inbox for various information related to the future competition after system verification.

(2) Schedule of entry process:

(3) Reserved participants

[Notification of confirmation]- The reserved participants will be notified via e-mail, where the entry information is to be confirmed or changed before deadline.

[Viewing and changing orders]- Login to the entry website and go to [My page] for viewing or changing relevant entry information.

※ Changeable information- Shuttle bus, check-in method, birth date of participant, best marathon result, clothing size and street address.

※ Unchangeable information- Full names (Mandarin and English), ID document number, gender and group of participant.

(4) Payment: All entry fee must be paid by credit card.

(5) Notification for Successful Payment: An e-mail will be sent to notify the participants upon successful payment.

(6) Check-in method: Foreign participants may only check-in on-site.

【On-site Check-in】 
11:00-20:00, from 18 November to 19 November 2021 
11:00-15:00, 20 November 2021
Venue: Marathon Expo participant check-in counter at Xinzhunag Gymnasium, New Taipei City (No.75, Sec. 1, Zhonghua Rd., Xinzhuang Dist., New Taipei City).


  1. Foreign participants shall collect the kit with on-site check-in number and their original passports.

  2. Collector shall sign for the kit after inspecting content and quantity with no mistake. No supplementary items will be issued subsequently.

  3. As encouragement for the participants to visit Wan Jin Shi Marathon Expo, participants opt for on-site check-in will receive a limited edition of 2021 Wan Jin Shi souvenir. One participant is subject to one souvenir.

  4. Participant who registered without participating the competition nor collecting the kit shall collect the kit at Sports Office of New Taipei City Government (6F, No. 278, Hansheng East Road, Banqiao District, New Taipei City) before 30 November 2021 between hours of 9:00-12:00 and 13:30-17:00. Collections overdue shall be regarded as waiver.

(7) Purchase of Shuttle Bus Tickets:


  1. For the shuttle bus, only passengers departing from Jin Shan Youth Activity Center may board with their number bibs; all other passengers departing from Kuo Kuang Motor Transport Taipei Terminal and North Gate of Banqiao Train Station must board with their tickets.

  2. The starting time of returning bus is 8:30, the last bus is 13:30 and the bus will leave once all seats are taken. Participants purchased bus tickets shall be aware of the boarding time.

  3. For further enquiries regarding shuttle bus, please contact the service number +886 966-454-505 before 18 November 2021 between hours of 09:30-12: 30 and 13: 30-18:30, Monday to Friday.

(8) Clothing Size: (unit: cm)

Male - Size Chart

Female - Size Chart

(9) Viewing and changing orders:

  1. Person registered may view/change the orders via My Page after login into the system.

  2. The deadline for changing orders is 22:00, 12 November 2020.

  3. After successful registration, only the birth date, clothing size, best marathon result and uploaded file of passport for the participant can be changed. 

(10) Others:

  1. Runners wish to participate in Marathon shall assess their own physical conditions and experiences in marathon participation. If the runner is not capable of completing Marathon within 5 hours 45 minutes, then Challenge Run is recommended.

  2. Please verify information such as full names, birth date, passport number and gender of the participant upon registration. Since fraudulent information affects integrity of the competition, should the fraudulent information be found before the competition, the participant will be disqualified from the competition; should the fraudulent information be found after the competition, the result of such participant will be removed and no objection will be accepted. All rewards (including medal, prize money and prize, etc.) will be confiscated, where the vacant rankings and awards will be offered to subsequent participant of eligibility.

  3. Participants failed to specify the size of event vest during entry registration will be provided with the size-L vest and no exchange is allowed.

  4. All entry information may not be modified after the specified deadline of modification period ends. The kits will be dispatched accordingly; no further dispatch or exchange is allowed.

  5. In order to enhance the competitive level of the competition and increase the international exposure, the Organizing Committee invites elite marathon runners at home and abroad to join the competition. There will be no quota limit for foreigners, and elite runners, they shall be accounted for extra quota.

  6. Please contact our enquiry line: +886 2 26455065 for operation service in relation to the registration system.

11.  Rewards: 

(1) The prize money for the competition includes “Record Breaking”, “Overall Ranking” and “Group” categories, no duplicated receipt of prize money from more than one category is allowed (except for special prize).

(2) Marathon participant ranked as first in “Overall Ranking” together with “Record Breaking” result will receive additional Record-Breaking Prize money of US. 10,000, the best records are as follows: 

【Male Group Record 2:11:17】 Mathew Kipsaat from Kenya set the new record in 2019. 

【Female Group Record 2:34:08】Naomi Jepkogei Maiyo from Kenya set the new record in 2019.

(3) Prize money for Marathon Overall Ranking

Prize money is paid in US dollars for both male and female group equally.

(4) Ranking Prize money for each Marathon Group:

Prize money is paid in NT dollars for both male and female group, regardless of the participant’s nationality.

★In case of group containing less than 5 participants, the prize money will not be awarded.

(5) Trophy Award:Marathon male and female group:

★In case of group containing less than 5 participants, the trophy will not be awarded.

(6) Prize money for Challenge Run Overall Ranking

Prize money is paid in NT dollars for both male and female group, regardless of the participant’s nationality.

(7) Other notes:

  1. Foreign winners shall provide relevant document of proof including passport or residence permit when receiving the awards, so smooth process of prize issuance can be ensured.

  2. The top five Marathon winners (both male and female) are subject to 1.5% of prize money as the fund of WA Drug-testing after competition. (deducted and paid by the organizer)

  3. According to tax regulations in Taiwan, domestic winners with prize money more than NT$ 20,000 are subject to 10% income tax; foreign winners are subject to 20% income tax regardless of the amount in prize money.

  4. The prize money and prizes provided by the Organizing Committee shall only be claimed by the winner, proxy/agent is not allowed. If the winners do not receive the prizes at lectern or on-site during the event, it will be regarded as waiver and no separate delivery will be provided. No objection is allowed.

  5. The prize money provided by the Organizing Committee for Marathon overall ranking (both male and female group) group will be issued through remittance, while prize money for all other groups is paid in cash.

  6. Drug test: All participants are obliged to take drug tests and the organizer will only transfer the prize to designated account after announcement of the drug test results. According to relevant regulations under sport doping control measures, participants refusing to take the test or verified with violation from test result will face cancellation of competition result and prize obtained. In addition, the relevant prize money and awards must be returned to the Organizing Committee. The vacant ranking and awards will only be rearranged and distributed after completion of hearing process for disqualified participant. For relevant information, please visit the official website of Chinese Taipei Athletics Association (http://www.athletics.org.tw/en/) notice.

12.   Notes for the Competition:

【Physical Condition】

  1. During registration, the participants shall assess their physical condition and register for suitable group.

  2. Participants with special medication and illness may provide note on the back of their bibs before the competition. In case of physical condition during the competition, such note will assist the medical personnel with timely information.

  3. Participants with physical condition during the competition shall follow advice from the referee and drop out of the competition immediately.

  4. Upon registration, the participant is deemed to accept that the Organizing Committee shall not be held responsible for sudden death or accidents resulting from personal illness, physical factors, disobedience of WA rules or failure to comply with instructions from the referee. Moreover, the Organizing Committee shall not be held obliged for any compensation. Should the participants not agree with the above, please do not register.

【Finish Time】

  1. For Marathon and Challenge Run with participants’ failure to pass the turning point before 09:35am and 08:00am (cut-off time), respectively, the Organizing Committee reserves the right to disqualify such participants, and the disqualified party shall not object to it.

  2. Participants disqualified by the Organizing Committee shall follow instruction from the referee, take shuttle bus provided by the Organizing Committee and return to the event venue. No straying on the track is allowed.

  3. Participants failed to finish the Competition shall take shuttle bus back to the event venue, return timing chip at the get-off point and receive the NT$100 deposit. No objection is allowed.

  4. After passing the turning point, the cut-off time for each turning point is as follows:

【Timing Chip and Deposit Refund】

  1. Timing chip will be used throughout Marathon and Challenge Run to record the competition results. There will be check-points along the running course, participants shall cross the sensor mat for timing chip recording purpose. In absence of sensor records for starting point, finishing point and each check-point, such participants will be disqualified, and no time will be recorded, nor will the finishing certificate, medal and finishing kit be awarded.

  2. According to WA Rule 19.24.5, the starting time commences upon firing of the starting gun. The Organizing Committee shall start timing based on the gun firing, and the records shall be used for determining the ranking and results of participants.

  3. The competition results and rankings shall be based on the results released by the Organizing Committee. Participants shall fasten the timing chip on the bibs without removing it. Participants shall bear full responsibility for not having their timing chips fastened properly according to the rules and leading to timing problem. (Relevant instruction of using timing chip is clearly illustrated in the event manual packed together with race kit being collected.)

  4. Swapping timing chips, carrying timing chip of others and carrying 2 timing chips or above are prohibited. Violator/s will be disqualified and the results will not be recognized.

  5. The timing chip is the basis of timing, please make sure passing each sensor point during the competition. Participants not using timing chips according to the rules and led to the absence of timing records shall bear full responsibility.

  6. Please start the competition on time. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to disqualify participants who fail to pass the start gate within 15 minutes after the starting time, and the results will not be recognized.

  7. After finishing the competition, please return timing chip to the designated stand on the same day to retrieve the NT$ 100 deposit.

  8. Participants completed registration without taking part in the competition, or returning the timing chip in time on the race date shall return the timing chip to Chinese Taipei Athletics Association (Room 602, Floor 6, No. 20, Chu-Lun Street, Zhongshan District, Taipei City) either in person or by post attached with banking details for refund before 30 November 2021. Should the timing chip not be returned within the said period, it will be regarded as waiver of refund.

【Kits Collection】

  1. When receiving the race kit, participants shall ensure information such as participating names and number on both the “bib” and “timing chip” are correct. This prevents prejudicing the interest of participant due to distribution mistake.

  2. The Organizing Committee will set up a timing chip testing station at the Marathon Expo. Participants are welcomed to have the timing chip tested on-site and the timing chips are exchangeable in case of any problem occurs. 
    Testing Time: 
    11:00 to 20:00, 18 November to 19 November 2021.
    11:00 to 15:00, 20 November 2021
    Testing Venue: Xinzhunag Gymnasium, New Taipei City (No.75, Sec. 1, Zhonghua Rd., Xinzhuang Dist., New Taipei City)


  1. For storage of personal belongings, participants shall use the storage bag specified by the Organizing Committee. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to cancel storage services for violators.

  2. The staff at storage section will provide 2 duplicated stickers with one for the bib and the other for storage bag. The sticker shall be presented for retrieving personal belongings after the race.

  3. The Organizing Committee will provide storage space for participants’ personal belongings. All participants shall keep their own valuables safe. The Organizing Committee shall not be held liable for any loss of the above.

  4. Participants' personal belongings can be stored from 5:00 to 13:00 on 21 November 2021. The storage sticker shall be presented for retrieving personal belongings.

【Entry Interests and Other notes】

  1. In order to protect interests of the participants, the entry right of participation is non-transferrable to non-registered individual. In case of any loss of interest due to aforementioned transfer; the party in question shall bear full responsibility.

  2. Upon illness, typhoon or other force majeure, the Organizing Committee will consider safety of participants and determine relevant measures of correspondence; the participants shall not object. Should the Event be cancelled accordingly, the Organizing Committee will process 50% refund on registration fees, full refund on home-delivery, shuttle bus ticket and timing chip deposit, but subject to a 3% charge of credit card fee.. The bath towel/ hand towel and medal will be delivered by post (Domestic Shipping Address Only).

  3. Please read the competition regulations carefully and follow instructions from the referee.

  4. Safety pins for bibs will be provided by the Organizing Committee.

  5. Participants of Marathon and Challenge Run shall collect the finishing certificates and medals at designated section for finishing within prescribed time. The certificates and medals will not be re-issued or dispatched subsequently.

  6. The event vests, towels and other giveaways will be provided by the sponsors. Detailed specifications are subject to provision from the sponsor. Participants may choose not to receive the event vests for environmental protection (Registration fees remain the same).

  7. The bibs will not be re-issued shall the participants forget to bring them on race date.

  8. For environmental protection, please prepare your own cup or water bottle.

  9. To ensure public safety, all forms of firework are forbidden. The event personnel will remind upon incident. For participants with continuous ignorance to such reminders, the Organizing Committee is entitled for disqualification and removal of participation results.

  10. Handling of heat stroke based on risk coefficient: [Formula = outdoor temperature (°C) + outdoor relative humidity (%) × 0.1] For risk coefficient greater than 40, the Organizing Committee is entitled to cancel the event for preventing participants' heat stroke. The registration fees for such event cancellation is not refundable and objection from participants will not be accepted.

13. Insurance Liabilities:

Please consider your physical condition before taking part in the race. The participants shall have enough sleep the night before and breakfast at least 2 hours before the race begins. Emergency medical care will be provided on site. Symptoms caused by personal illnesses are not covered by insurance; only injuries suffered from public accident are covered by public accident insurance compensation.



This event is organized as per relevant regulations under Large Gathering Safety Administration Guidelines under the Ministry of the Interior in Taiwan. The Organizing Committee will provide public accident insurance for participants (throughout the race) and the staff (throughout the event) with premium of NT$ 5,000,000 per person.


 Public Accident Insurance Coverage: the insurance company will be liable to provide legal compensation for third-party injury, death or property damage caused by following accidents occurring during the covered period:

  1. Accident occurred to the Insured while running on course specified in the insurance contract of the race.

  2. Accident occurred to the Insured by buildings, tunnels, machines and other work sites along the running course.



  1. Sport injuries caused by personal illness.

  2. Symptoms caused by personal fitness or cardiovascular symptoms, such as shock, heart disease, diabetes, heat exhaustion, heat stroke, high altitude syndrome, epilepsy and dehydration, etc. (or any symptoms not mentioned above). On the race day, requisite emergency medical care will be provided on site. Syndromes caused by personal illnesses will not be insured, only injuries suffered in relation to public accident are covered by public liability insurance compensation.


 In case of participant with history of personal illness or diseases set out in clause (4), please consider your health condition and safety, as well as getting personal medical and accident insurance. The Organizing Committee will not carry out any pre-race health assessment; all participants shall bear full responsibility personally for joining the race.

14. Violation and Penalties:

(Participant who benefits from the help of another person, such as taking a ride, receiving support and others during the race.


 Participant who carries a pet during the race.


 Participant who registered under group inconsistent with his/ her identification.


 Participant who violates sportsmanship and ethics, such as fighting, scolding the referee and others.


 Participant who does not wear the bib and timing chip.


 Participant who does not attach the bib in front of his/ her chest.


Participant who picks up drinks or food not provided by event water/refreshment station (but by audiences) during the race. (Warning for first offence and disqualification follows for second offence)


Participant who picks up other participants’ drinks without permission during the race. (Warning for first offence and disqualification follows for second offence)



Participant who accepts the other participant’s drinks, food or sponge. (Warning for first offence and disqualification follows for second offence))

15.Refund System:


This Event is a marathon competition of official sport nature; the refund is not applicable according to “Precautions for safety maintenance and interest protection of running event participants” set by the Sports Administration, Ministry of Education.


In case of participants not able to participate due to personal reasons, refund will be processed according to the following procedures::

  1. Those who submits application before 31 December 2020 shall receive 60% refund on registration fees, full refund on home-delivery, shuttle bus ticket and timing chip deposit, but subject to a 3% charge of credit card free.

  2. Those who submit application during 1 January 2021 to 21 November 2021 shall only be refunded with timing chip deposit of NT$100. For refunding method of the deposit, please refer to the procedure provided in Point 8, Rule 12 [Timing Chip and Deposit Refund] in this Regulation.


For those who wish for refund, please email the refund application to wanjinshimarathon@gmail.com for registration. The refund will be processed after matching with participant identification and data is confirmed. Refunding equals to losing qualification in participation.

16.   Regulations in Relation to Personal Information Protection Act:


Please read the event disclaimer carefully before registration, so as to understand and agree on the Organizing Committee’s usage of “information” provided for registration, including personal information such as full names, birth date, age, ID number, address, photo and contact number, as well as executing entry process, generating requisite numbers and timing chips for participants, together with other interests related to the competition.


With aforementioned initial entry process together with acquisition of information and photos for process or results of relevant competition event, these “information” will be provided to the Organizing Committee’s service providers in preparation for relevant service works. Participants shall agree that, within the scope of event promotion and possible purpose concerning participants’ interests, the photos, motion tracking records of participants and videos from the race, as well as post-race results (including full names, nationality, group and finishing time of the participant) (collectively referred as the “Event Information”) can be collected and used by organizers and main sponsors during or after the race. Moreover, the Event Information can be released, broadcasted and demonstrated on webpage, platform channels and various media instruments of the Organizing Committee’s service providers.


Final results of the race and part of the Event Information will be uploaded into results database of Chinese Taipei Athletics Association, and made available for public enquiries via website of Chinese Taipei Athletics Association and platform channels of the Organizing Committee’s service providers.


Participants wishing to obtain their photos during competition may contact the Organizing Committee’s service providers. Should the participants disagree on sharing above-mentioned information and data, please do not register for the event.

17. In case of matters not covered, the Organizing Committee reserves the right to revise this Regulation and announce accordingly.