Wanli District

Yehliu Geo-park

CNN once likened the place to outer-space geology, dubbing it the most Mars-like rock environment on Earth. A visit is completed with an eyeful of spectacular rocks.


Wanli District

Guihou Fishing Harbor

A scenic little fishing village of leisure tourism with painted buildings and clear waters. Known for the  delicious Wanli crabs.


Jinshan District

Twin Candlestick Islets

Looks like two candlesticks. The best place to photograph and enjoy the sea view is he Zhongzheng Pavilion in Lion's Head Mountain Beach Park. 

Jinshan District

Zhongjiao Bay

Two brand-new hardware equipments, a visitor center and a surfing center, are newly established, combined with the promotion of water sports such as sightseeing and surfing, adding new elements to sports sightseeing.


Jinshan District

Jinshan Old Street

Popular delicacies and local specialties are a must try. The super popular duck meat stand in front of the temple with the self- serve culture forms a unique site of the place.


Jinshan District

Juming Museum

An art park full of modernity and humanistic spirit, exhibiting the most original peak work - Tai Chi series of contemporary sculptor Zhu Ming.

Shimen District

Laomei Green Reef

A rare special landscape, from mid-March to early May, the reef is covered in green algae, forming the bizarre but spectacular natural wonder.


Shimen District

Shimen (Stone) Arch

A stone arch formed by erosion. When you walk into Shimen Cave, you can see the beautiful scenery of the sea and the sky.


Shimen District

Baisha Bay

The half-moon-shaped natural bay which translates as "White Sand Bay". There are various water activities such as sailing, diving, and windsurfing.